OISE Submission Form BAK

Distinctions & Star Rating

If entering both sections, you only need submit distinctions on one form.


Judging is done in four groupings. You can select which grouping your image(s) appear in. Image order from different entrants within each grouping is randomized. Please observe the following rules:

  • Images must be less than 2MB
  • Images must be SBS parallel view images
  • Images must fit into 3840 W (1920 x 2) by 1080 H. It is not necessary to fill out both dimensions.
  • Use only number, letters and spaces in your title. Do not use:  _ * ~ # % : { } -

    You must add your title(s) before you can upload your image(s)

Image for Judging Group 1

Image for Judging Group 2

Image for Judging Group 3

Image for Judging Group 4


Be patient, submission may take a few moments because of the image upload(s). You will be directed to a PayPal link to pay the $10 entry fee.
If Form Does Not Submit, scroll back up and look for errors in red.